First things, first.

This week was a week of firsts.
Let’s list:

First batch of kombucha that’s double fermenting on my counter, ready to drink on Sunday!
Thanks, Jen for giving me the scoby so this could happen!

First jar of kefir that’s fermented overnight, ready to drink for breakfast in the morning!
(Thanks again to Jen who donated grains for me to start my little ‘pet’ kefir!)

First time making my next batch of kombucha!
Can’t wait to drink more of this delicious stuff!

First time registering for any baby items.
So much fun, it’s really setting in that we’re going to be parents!

First time drinking Fermented Cod Liver Oil (in case you’re curious, it was the cinnamon tingle blend).
Surprisingly not as bad as I expected. Chased it with Simply Orange & Mango juice.
In the future, I think I’ll chase it with kombucha.

First time trying on maternity clothes.

First time going shopping for groceries/household needs more than once/week.

First time experimenting with cooking.

First time I talked to myself, out loud, in public.
I’ve been cooped up in the house alone too much since we’ve lived in Lakeland. Seriously.

First time I wrote about ways we want to raise Baby Roque.

First time I really looked pregnant, fully clothed. (Added by John).

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