Baby Wearing & Potty Training

(This was written 2 weeks ago).

I am so grateful to have this time before Baby Roque is born to do research…
There are a million things I have questions about when it comes to the best way to raise our children.
I’m not really a “go-with-the-flow” kind of gal. I like to ask questions, make well-informed decisions, and of course, that means, I think for myself. It also means…Β I must do a LOT of research in order to be able to ‘think for myself’.

Last night, John & I went to a meeting at the birthing center where Baby Roque will be born.

It was an opportunity to hear other Moms talk about wearing their babies… (You know, those carriers & wraps, slings & backpack type carriers that people wear.) We heard all about the advantages, learned how to tie the wraps, got to try them on, and practice tying & wearing them.

When a local mom who owns a baby wrap company walked in with her naked baby to teach us about wraps, John looked at me and said,

“Is that a naked baby?” “Yep! I bet she does EC,” I responded, smiling. πŸ™‚

EC = “elimination communication“… The thought behind it is that your baby isn’t designed to soil their nest, but that we (as a culture) train them to do so with disposable diapers, and then at age two, we take it back.Β Put very simply, as a parent, you learn to read your baby’s signals. And you give them chances to go to the bathroom when they signal you, and you help teach them with your signals, and you give them plenty of chances to go to the bathroom… Baby Bjorn even makes little baby potties.

Sure enough, she taught us about wraps (especially how to tie them), nursed her baby, and a few minutes later, said she needed to take her little one to the bathroom before continuing. So, she did. Then, everyone burst into questions about the bathroom trip & EC. It was great.

I’ve read and researched EC before, and honestly, I thought it seemed a little crazy, (it’s obviously not even close to the “norm” for our culture). John loved it as soon as he found out about it (of course. πŸ™‚ ). I said,

I’m the one that will be getting pooped on!

What I needed was to hear from a mom who’s done it, a mom that I can see isn’t crazy, not just reading online. A mom who could tell me that she wears her baby &
And I did. It works so well for her & her 5 month old, potty trained daughter. (Who started EC the first week she was born!)

My sweet husband, who I have to say, was just ECSTATIC the whole time we were there, giddy as could be about this reality that’s closing in on us: we’re going to be parents.
He tried on the wraps (even the bright pink one) and put a baby doll inside, then he made his ‘this is so awesome, if I cried, I’d cry’ face… and looked at me, saying: “I don’t want to take it off!” Sometimes, he’s too cute for his own good. Seriously.

John gets really really excited about the stuff that falls into the category of ‘not-the-norm’…
He’s been encouraging me to research co-sleeping. And when she mentioned EC, he turned to me and said, I bet she co-sleeps. We should ask her. So, we did. And, she does.

Her insight was great. Most of it I had already read online in my research, but hearing it firsthand from a mom who’s happy, healthy & well-rested is so key for me. As well as seeing her happy, healthy, awesome baby!

I know we’ve come to some conclusions as of late concerning:

– Vaccinating : We’re not doing it.
– Nursing : We are! I’m currently researching ecological breastfeeding & baby led weaning.
– Co-sleeping : We’re going to try it. If it doesn’t work for our family, we’ll go from there.
– EC : We’re going to do it, and if baby needs it, there will be a cloth diaper.
– Baby-wearing : Made this decision in Africa, ages ago. We’re doing it.

Links with more information on our conclusions:
Wrap Your Baby Blog : She also talks about Co-Sleeping, Baby-Wearing, Nursing, Extended Nursing, etc.
Diaper Free Baby : All about EC.
Too many vaccination resources to even begin, but maybe I’ll write a post on vaccines.

9 thoughts on “Baby Wearing & Potty Training”

  1. I read this post today after already been thrown to looking at vaccines. I had actually just talked with a mom about the problems they were having with FAU’s immunization stuff b/c they claimed religious exemption during their daughter’s time in school. Now that she’s 18 they’re letting her decide what to do. Apparently they had a near fatal incident with the DPT vaccine when she was one and made the decision to not have her immunized after that. Living in our society most of us don’t even think about NOT vaccinating. It’s just what you do.

    Thanks for opening eyes to “alternative” means of raising children πŸ™‚ I’m like John… I like doing things outside “the norm”.


  2. Co sleeping is great! Everyone was always saying I looked so rested all the time ! It’s because we did it for sure!!!


  3. Hey Lee Anne!

    I’ve been reading your blogs and I must say how refreshing and insightful they are. It seems as though you’ve been doing ample research regarding your ‘little one.’ Based on all I’ve read so far, it seems as though you and John want to parent the “attachment parenting” way. I don’t know if you have heard of that before or not, I was just curious.


    1. Quin –
      True – mostly attachment parenting. We’ve been reading a lot about it (John’s reading THE attachment parenting book currently). The only thing we don’t agree with when it comes to AP is discipline. Everything else, though, yep.


  4. Its really great that you’re going to make the modifications that work for your family instead of going by the book anyway IMO :-D. Have you thought about how you might discipline your little one? I hope that isn’t too invasive


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