Babies, nests, & fish.

Shortly after we made the pregnancy news public, I wrote a post about my heart’s selfish response to the initial news. I love that I took the time to write that, because now, I can write about the current state of my selfish heart & have that to look back on.

We’re 16 weeks pregnant, which means we’re 40% of the way there. Whoa! I can’t believe it.
I’ve got this definite round extension of my belly. I’ve been able to feel a few kicks here & there. I’ve scheduled our ultrasound appointment.

I feel like the last 4 weeks has been all about Baby Roque.
I’ve done more research about so many baby related things than I’ve done research about anything, ever. Every moment I’ve had that I haven’t HAD to be doing something else, I’ve been reading. Books, articles, blogs, anything I can really get my hands on.
And of course, I’ve been talking to anyone who’s around to get their feedback about the research I’ve been doing.

John & I have come to so many conclusions about ways we hope to raise Baby Roque.
(Many of which are really outside the norm of how our culture & society does things.)
It’s been such a cool journey to get really excited about some of these extreme things, be really weirded out by some of them, do the research & decide together what we think is the best thing.

I’ve never known much about nesting, but apparently, much like a Mama Bird would gather all sorts of things to make a nest for her eggs & soon to be baby birds, I’ve been doing my own version of that…For 3 months, I’ve made to-do-lists (for both me & my sweet husband) like there’s no tomorrow. To-do-lists that have been lost, re-written, lost again, and finally, given up on. Of course, there are some t0-do-lists that have been completed. (Though, that’s the rare exception.) Apparently this is a form of nesting.

Something constantly on my mind (and on many lines of my to-do-lists) is de-cluttering. Now, we don’t have that much clutter in our little apartment.
Until you open the closet. Or any drawer for that matter. And every shelf in our place.
Okay, so maybe there’s some clutter.
And it’s driving us both (okay, at least me,) crazy!

I’ve been reading this terrific book that’s got me ridding my kitchen of processed foods. Of course, I also watched this movie, which helped.
I happen to have a fantastic friend who’s really being my mentor for all this stuff. (She didn’t sign up for it, but she just keeps answering my questions.)

I wish I could bring myself to eat fish, because it’s just so SO darn healthy. But I hate it. So, instead, I’m going to drink Fermented Cod Liver Oil, on a really regular basis. (Somehow this seems less gross?)
Which, I hope, might get me to eat the actual fish, at some point. I’m also drinking this sour liquid yogurt stuff called Kefir that is chock full of probiotics and healthy stuff. Soon, I’ll be making my own at home.

I’m starting to do all sorts of things I never imagined I would. Very soon, I’ll be making my own household cleaning supplies (a recipe I’ll borrow from my fantastic friend turned foodie/health mentor, and share with you, in case you’re interested). I’m checking into getting raw milk & butter. Did you know it’s illegal in Florida? Yes, I’m serious. I was totally shocked.

I’m just so pumped. I’m doing all this research and we’re making all these decisions, we’re cleaning out, cleaning up, replacing things, and having our minds and hearts renewed along the way. It’s so great, and all of it gets me MORE excited.

I cannot wait for Little Roque. Believe me, I’m enjoying an (almost) full night’s sleep, having my hands free to do things, a mostly quiet environment at home, etc… but, I’m just getting more & more excited about our little one everyday.

Precious little one, I’m trying my best to take care of you. To prepare my heart for you, to prepare our home, our way of life for you.
We’re anxiously awaiting your arrival, excited and overjoyed that in less than 5 months, we’ll be holding your tiny little self in our arms.
We’re learning so much, Baby Roque, because we want to do our best to love & protect you.
With all our love, learning much,
Your Mom.

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