Flawed & Fatal


We’re all flawed, and in fact, we’re all fatal.

We’re deadly to our surroundings.
Obviously, as there are ample examples, we are deadly to our environment.
We’re consuming and destroying at an unbelievable pace.

We’re deadly to the people around us with our selfishness.
We’re deadly to them by killing the earth that we need to thrive.
We’re deadly to them by consuming so much that it literally destroys the world we live in.
We’re deadly to them by creating products that kill people.
We’re deadly to them by setting up systems that approve deadly products as healthy, systems that perpetuate destruction and death instead of thriving and bringing to life.
We’re deadly to them by selling consumption as freedom and happiness and having the rest of the world hope for the lie.

There’s this terrific video that I love (go, watch it… right now.)
John Lennon is being interviewed by this kid who snuck into his hotel room. And there’s this line:
“… get nonviolent, and it’s pretty hard because we’re all violent inside. We’re all Hitler inside and we’re all Christ inside. And it’s just trying to work on the good bit of you.”

I thought of it today, because, see..

I’m reading this book: Real Food (for Mother & Baby). It’s absolutely fantastic. It has a lot of what I’ve been reading about lately as John and I have been asking questions (to ourselves and of each other) about what’s the best way to live life, and what’s the best way to raise a child…

So here we are watching movies like Food, Inc. & No Impact Man, reading all kinds of books.
Here we are doing research about ultrasounds & natural birth & vaccinations & disposable diapers & ecological breast feeding &  baby wearing & so many other things.

Here we are realizing on a whole new level, in a whole new light, to a whole new depth, how meaningful and important the impact of our lives can be… Especially as we’re going to be shaping the life of another human being.

So, here we are, watching this documentary about No Impact Man & there’s difficulty in the relationship between this couple, and there’s adamant selfishness that’s apparent, and there’s flaw to their motives, actions, and goals with this project.

But in the midst of that selfishness, there’s this incredible truth being spoken.

I’m reading this fantastic book and it’s so amazing in helping me to think about food in a way that until recently I’d just never even considered. And there’s all kinds of rubbish about the millions of years that people have been doing a, b, and c…

Amidst the rubbish, there’s this beautiful truth about the way life has been designed to thrive, and how far away from that we are with the industrialization of food.

I just can’t get away from how wonderfully redemptive it is to see the beauty of truth come out of a flawed and fatal person.

Because, of course, all truth is God’s truth: it’s life giving and, certainly, it’s freeing.

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