Freedom has never been free.

And it was given to us exactly the way we need it by Jesus.

But, in the name of freedom, we fight wars for oil.
We fight wars for weapons we’ve sold. We fight wars for lies we’ve been told.
As a people, we buy into the lies that we’re being sold about whatever the purpose of the war is…

I said it last 4th of July, and made a lot of people angry…
But I’m fine to say it again because it is true now as it was true then:

Human life is so sacred,

(and I agree with all the status updates on Facebook today that encourage people to think about how sacred human life is.)

and in being sacred, what it should be sacrificed for is NOT our government’s lies.
it should NOT be sacrificed for “freedom” we already have.

What lies we’ve bought into as a culture, as a society, as a world, to most highly value the soldier.
How many men (& women) do I know who have chosen that line of work because it’s certainly an honorable way to get their college money?

Way too many.

We build it up and worship the soldiers who are completely unnecessarily dying for the sake of our government’s greed.

It makes me angry. It makes me hurt. I ache for those who have lost their lives… because it wasn’t, and isn’t, necessary.

I appreciate the ‘freedom’ that I have. I am also aware enough to know that I don’t have the freedom I’d like to think I do.
The freedom that really matters can’t be bought with the lives of a million soldiers fighting for the latest lie they’ve been told as to why they’re killing thousands in a country they don’t truly know anything about.

In working with the homeless, I’ve seen too many former military men whose lives have completely fallen to sh*t because they absolutely can’t function after the brainwash they’ve been through, and the death it is to their soul to take the lives of other people.
Especially those who realize (much too late I’m afraid) that the government, the country they sold their soul to and for, is massively corrupt.

What I can be thankful for from all those wars:
3 holidays every year that I’m guaranteed my family won’t be working and I can spend time with them.
That’s the most freedom that’s been WON from all the wars we’ve fought… and it is, in no way, worth what’s been lost.

PS – I mean no disrespect to those who are employed or deployed by this country’s government.
Part of my passion for this topic comes from seeing too many that I love, lost to this unworthy cause.

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