Rhythm of our Lives

I think if I could choose a soundtrack to my life, it would be a blend of Alexi Murdoch, Iron & Wine, and of course, The Beatles.

Tonight, we were watching what is perhaps my favourite film of all time, “Away We Go.”
There’s a scene where the female lead, ‘Verona,’ is singing her niece to sleep to “Mr. Tambourine Man.”
And it dawned on me, I think I’ll sing “Here Comes the Sun” to our babe.
(And probably various other Beatles songs… Although, I may completely avoid Maxwell’s Silver Hammer, due to its intensity, & my husband’s request.)

I don’t know much about music. I’m not a good singer. I have NO sense of rhythm…
But I can close my eyes and remember so many moments of my life that I could match with songs that deepen and intensify the emotion and experience, effectively expressing the depth of the life held together in those crucial moments.

That’s something I love about film.
It’s completely unrealistic that anyone’s life would be set to a soundtrack, but setting a film to music captures and conveys emotion that’s so essential to the development of the story. Often, I think it captures what would be so difficult to get otherwise.

It would be so phenomenal to write my life story and set it to music. Carefully choosing songs that express exactly what’s necessary to develop the story and deepen the characters.

It would be so phenomenal to write anyone’s story and set it to music. Ahhh.

I have about a dozen stories in my head at any given moment that I feel it, I know that being a writer is as much a part of me as breathing. Which I’ve learned means not writing is just as much going to be my lifelong battle as navigating the right way, the narrow path.

I pray that I can focus these stories, the characters, inspiration, & life that are floating around inside me…
And get it all down. Write it, re-write it, throw parts of it away… and read it.

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