Today is the day or Just Do It

If there is one thing I’ve learned about myself since being married it’s that I love to live in the future or the past. If I can’t dwell in the past failures (or successes) then I will work really hard to make things different in the future.

But in everything I come back to realize that today is the only day where I can make a real impact on the past (allowing myself to let go or heal) or the future (to “do the work” or write a blog post). Today is in fact the best time of life to focus in on the most important parts of anything from building a business to loving my wife really well.

Still it’s hard to not get side tracked by all the things I didn’t get done yesterday or have thought about doing tomorrow. And the cycle continues to until I haven’t done either the things left or the amazing possible things yet to come. So looking at today I have this sense of failure and the day’s only halfway done.

No more!!!

Right now (ok when I’m done writing) I am going to finish the work I need to do, work on the current Remarkable projects, read the script I have in manuscript, and Just Do It.

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