Thanksgiving Part 3

There’s no reason that Thanksgiving can’t come more than once a year.
Now of course, the first thought would have to be that I believe this because of the food…

BUT… It’s really because I’m trying to look at my life and be truly thankful for what’s going on at any given moment, on a regular basis.
So, let’s continue:

27. The newfound freedom I have since being “let go” from my job.

28. That I got to video chat with my best friend, Caryn, on Skype earlier today. Seeing her face, talking with her about life, it felt like coming home.

29. That I can be at the beach in less than 1 hour.

30. The conversation about food (& challenging what we are told is healthy) that I got to have with my hubs & an amazing couple yesterday.

31. The health of my Mom.

32. That I’ll be 23 in 13 days.

33. Granola.

34. A fantastic mason jar that’s my favourite to drink water from.

35. The wind chimes that hang on our back patio, singing sweetly to brighten my day.

36. Sunshine.

37. My parents.

38. My truly incredible husband.

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