something borrowed. (aka Thanksgiving Part 1)

It’s well past our wedding day (more than 3 months now) and save “something OLD” I had all four categories of somethings I needed for my wedding day.

I even had extras of “Something Borrowed”…
In keeping with that trend, I’m borrowing an idea from a friend of mine who blogs about gratitude. She lists things that she’s thankful for, and what a beautiful idea.

It’s my goal moving forward to do a post at least once per week where I do a list of at least 10 things I’m thankful for.

AND… what a great way to help me keep my eyes open for amazing things happening around me. Maybe I’ll become more optimistic in the process.

Let’s start now.
These are not in order of importance, but in the order that they pop into my brain.

1. My sweet husband who listens, talks, prays, and cares about even tiny details, just because they matter to me.

2. Water. Water because I used to love soda, and now I don’t. Water because I love drinking it, I feel better when I do, and it’s one healthy thing I do well.

3. My job. Because I’ve got some freedom. Because I’m around people. Because I occasionally I get to work on awesome little creative projects that I complete, and it’s great. Creativity + completion = accomplishment. Because I get paid.

4. Accomplishments. They help make me feel sane and assure me that it’s possible to finish something that you start.

5. Babies. Babies because in the last two weeks, I’ve held the tiniest baby I’ve ever held. Babies because my heart has been melted by this teeny tiny little Samuel. Babies because new life is beautiful in every way.

6. Discovery. Because it leads us to explore. Because it’s something that’s really wonderfully beautiful about new life: they’re constantly discovering new things.

7. Passion. Because something that brings me to life more than anything is seeing people’s passion ignite and hearing their hearts about pursuing their passion. Because when I see someone doing what they love, it reminds me of hope and joy and life and Jesus.

8. My Mom. Because she’s a worthy role model. She’s fantastic. Because she has unconditionally loved me through some serious rubbish.

9. Jen for introducing me to the Immaculate Baking Company. & Publix for having them buy 1 get 1 free.

10. Sunshine. Because tonight’s going to be fantastic because it’s beautiful outside.

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