Wifely Responsibilities

My sweet husband is amazing at having really incredible expectations of me.

He doesn’t expect that I’ll always cook dinner, always do dishes, always do laundry, or any of those other “wifely responsibilities” that you might think (or rather, that I might think).

He expects conversation, he expects me to always want to be in relationship with him, communicating about any and everything. He expects me to be ready for him to challenge me where he sees fit. He expects me to talk to him. He expects me to love him, and at the same time knows I’ll even fail at that sometimes.

I expect myself to do all of that AND all of those ‘wifely responsibilities’ that I give myself. I place this exhausting list on myself: I have to do and be everything he needs…


Surprise, surprise: I get overwhelmed.

He likes to cook. He doesn’t mind dishes. (And I happen to like laundry, so that’s the thing I do, although not as often as might be needed.)

I LOVE for the bed to be made. It feels like the whole house is clean if our bed is made.
A lot of times, we will wake up late & I’ll be rushing to work; there’s no time to make the bed.

He told me that he loves those days, because then he gets an opportunity to serve me in a way that matters to me, and surprises me.
And it does, every time.

So, why do I feel the need to be SuperWoman when he just wants (extra)OrdinaryWife?

He’d be content if I wrote everyday, and talked with him.
Even if he cooked dinner and did the dishes.

So would I.
I think something needs to change here.

PS – Going back to read this post reminds me that I am blessed with a truly incredible husband: selfless in his love, caring in his communication, loving in his actions. Thanks, Jesus, for my sweet husband.

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