Residence: State of Disarray

This morning, I took a deep breath and ran my fingers through my hair. I slowly exhaled and a smile spread across my face. There’s no tension in my shoulders. Is this what it’s like to be relaxed?
It must be.

Our home is finally settled. Maybe more settled now than I’ve been since I was a little girl.

I didn’t know what to do with myself. When I’ve lived in a state of chaos and disarray for as long as I can really remember, that’s what I know. Now, I’m uprooted and thrown into the deep end of resolve.

Am I approaching the only dreamt of and far off imagined place known as peace?
I wouldn’t know what it looks like. I’ve only imagined how it feels. Is this where I’m headed?

Oh, grace. Glorious grace, let it be.

I laughed and cried with my husband last night as we had such an intimate evening together. PJs, dinner & a movie. We had this moment of “oh, I remember what it’s like to be friends like this.” It was perfect.

And now, today, my heart is at ease.

Thank you, Jesus.

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