Who Am I? aka Who do I want to be?

I’d like to call myself many things.
Or maybe a better word for many is few.
Let’s discover together as I ponder which is true.

Traveler. I’d like to call myself traveler because I so crave adventure and new places. But can this be true of me if I also desire consistency? Can this be true of me if I haven’t been anywhere new lately?

Writer. I dream of calling myself this because I love to tell stories. I love to process my life, and the ways in which I encounter the lives of others, through writing. But can this be true of me if I don’t write consistently? Can this be true of me if I evade and avoid, if I procrastinate instead of prioritize?

Storyteller. I say I’m this but maybe what I mean is: storylover. That sounds awesomely awkward doesn’t it? Hmm. The point is: I love stories. I love hearing, reading, sharing, experiencing (through art in many forms) stories.
I’m not the best storyteller, though I do enjoy the experience of remembering something seemingly forgotten triggered by a random object, place, or activity. I don’t think I’m even a great storyteller, but there’s something about it that just brings me to life a little bit more. Maybe something about opening up one’s heart to share a story (either someone else’s or your own). Hmmm.

A Good Listener. I like to think I am this, but the truth is: I don’t think I am. Either that, or I actually have the worst memory ever. Can it possibly be true if I don’t remember things? I don’t think so.

Let’s think on things I’d like to call myself in the future:

Mother. This is something that my heart seemingly longs for more and more each day. That’s scary for me because part of me never thought I’d ever desire it. It’s scary for me because there are days where I feel about twelve years old, and others where I feel ancient. It’s exciting beyond belief to imagine (which I occasionally do now that I’m married) what it will be like because I know I’m married to a man that will be such an amazing dad.
As a side note on this topic, I can’t get enough of being around kids. I’ve offered free babysitting to 3 families we know lately. Hopefully I didn’t weird them out. Haha! One took me up on the offer last week, and today I received a thank you note from that Momma in the mail, complete with a picture of her sweet son. (Which immediately went on the refrigerator.)

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