The Romance of Reality

NOTE: This entry was written for my old blog ( but is way more tried and true on WeRoquemore. Enjoy

The fun of the daily adventures. A joy in ordinary life whether the ordinary is chaos or calm.

Finding someone who fits the moments in between when life seems to pause, and you get to relax to take a breath.

It seems like we’re taught that a practical choice is settling. That finding a wife in a friend just can’t be a thrill. And it’s true sometimes that the one who is found starts as a lover and becomes a friend. This is the exception, even when that person isn’t the one who walks out of the mist onto the shirtless cover of your romance novel, they can be he best thing – life is short but not short enough to not be with someone you enjoy everyday.

It breaks my heart to think of how many people meet their soul mate and have to say ‘sorry I’m married’ or even worse ‘hey I’m married but open to something new.’

Times will get tough, even healthy bodies don’t always look beautiful, and distractions make it hard to always be romantic so its best to have a person who notices the everyday romance – a special treat, a thoughtful action, a look.

This is the romance of reality.


Last night my wife, Lee Anne, showed me that I am enjoying the reality of this premarital discovery. She is my best friend and lover in the fun times and when the storm blows.

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