Sweet like fruit

Today is the month and half mark for WeRoquemore and the question asked for almost everyone has been “how’s it going?”

In a word “GREAT!”

The reality of marriage, especially the kind of marriage that starts with two passionate, selfish and broken people (See: John and Lee Anne), is that things can be difficult and sometimes very stressful and often hurtful.

Lee Anne is many times hurt by my lack of thoughtfulness (takes just a minute rinse dishes and put them in the dishwasher).

I am hurt sometimes by how smart/efficient Lee Anne can be (asking dumb questions can lead to dumb answers).

But marriage is so good. So sweet.

My sweet tooth usually leads me to candy when I want a fix and often I suffer from a sugar crash and aching mouth. On occasion though I will use fruit instead of candy to soften the urge.

Fruit takes time. In a way there is an effort and a reward that takes place with eating a ripe piece of delicious fruit (my fav is orange). And when you are done a deeper satisfaction in feeling the nutritional value of a fruit kicks in.

A good marriage is sweet like a great piece of fruit. It takes time and effort and sometimes it can be messy and, if you have a cut, even hurtful. Still the satisfaction and enjoyment are so much deeper than any candy available.

Give me the fruit any day.

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