She can’t see what I see.

When she sees herself she is only seeing a reflection. The same was when I see her I see only a reflection…. a reflection of the beautiful Jesus who won my heart. The problem with reflections is they don’t allow us to see fully, there is always something lacking. When I see her I can’t see Jesus fully but I can see Him loving up in her loving looks, her compassionate actions, even in her hurt and pain. I can see Jesus working His way through her to reach out to me in love.

Beauty can never be captured in a picture. Bodies change and the glimmer of youth fades… but out of the glimmer comes a steady growing light. The light of life lived for others. As our bodies breakdown an interesting thing can happen. We can find ourselves becoming more human, and in being more human, more beautiful in ways only glimpsed – never captured.

This is the joy of being a husband, knowing the times to glimpse your wife being beautiful. Knowing her in private ways that only you see, even when everyone else is looking. Sometimes when I catch Lee Anne being beautiful she asks me “What?” and I can’t describe the pleasure I take in telling her…

“You are the most beautiful woman in the world”

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