Oh the places We’ll go

Written as my own version of Dr Seuss’ “Oh! The Places You’ll Go!” as a birthday present for John, back in August 2009.

Today is our day.
We’re off to great places!
We’re off and away!

We have hearts in our chests.
We have feet in our shoes.
He will steer us in any direction He does so choose.
We’re never on our own. ‘Cause we know what we know.
And we’re never, ever going to let go.

We have love in our heart.
This love is just the start.
We know how to process.
We’ll learn to handle stress.

We’ll meet people who try to divide;
We won’t let them; we won’t run or hide.
It’s more free here in His grace;
Better here, than any other place.

We know: we are inadequate.
But by His grace, we’ll never quit.
We know we cannot do it alone;
We won’t; for we are His own.

We’ll climb mountains; up to such great heights.
We’ll make it through any and all fights.
We’ll go skydiving; we’ll learn, and explore.
We’ll dream and adventure and then do it some more!

Oh! The Places We’ll Go!

We’ll go to India, to the Taj Mahal.
We’ll go to Africa, we’ll see it all.
We’ll go to Israel, where Jesus was.
We’ll see it all, together, just because!

We need not fret about where exactly we’ll go.
Left or right or up or down? No, no.
We don’t worry because we don’t need to know.
We can wait and listen and trust He’ll tell us to go.

With our hearts full of love and our lives full of grace;
We know better than to think it ends at this place.
We have the best love that there is.
The best, the best; because it is His.

To live is Christ, to die is gain.
To live, our lives must be loss;
Often times that means pain;
Life gained by carrying our cross.

Except when we don’t.
Because, sometimes, we won’t.

I’m sorry to say so but very sadly, it’s true that failing and falling can happen to me and you.

When the world wants war,
We’ll open more than our door,
We’ll turn the other cheek and
Give our lives for His glory at His feet.

We’ll take in babies they don’t love,
We’ll live lives thought crazy of.
We’ll be THOSE very people…
Rejected for rejecting ‘the steeple.’

Oh! The crazy beautiful life we’ll lead!

The question the world wants to know
Are you successful? Yes or no?
The problem lies in how it’s defined.
Successful in this world is different than yours and mine.

Our success is measured by sacrifice
This love of greatest price
Immeasurable, indescribable,
indefinable, incomparable.

We’ll change this world in simplicity
We’ll be the change we wish to see.
We’ll live life loving our community.
We’ll live life in our new identity.

We’ll make a radical difference
because we’re not ‘on-the-fence’
We know truth cannot be so
This life is worth living because we chose to let it go.

We’ll go places with our loads of babies
Babies and babies and babies.
Whether there’s four or five ten or twenty,
Wherever we’ll go His grace is plenty.

So, whatever your worry
Give it up to be
Nothing to stand in the way of our journey
Today is our day,
This broken world needs His love,
We must go on our way!

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