I don’t think anyone could have prepared me for what married life would be like.

It’s been especially intense with all the changes that happened at once:

  • new job
  • new city
  • knowing no one
  • being a wife
  • new house
  • new church

The being a wife and being married part of all of this has been absolutely seamless. I wake up all snuggly with my sweet husband, and it’s like I can’t remember a time before things were this good.

The job, friends, church, city, house part, however has been a bit rocky. There have been more than a few days that I have cried.

  • Because I miss our church community.
  • Because I missed friends.
  • Because there aren’t enough hours in the day to do this job & be creative & organize our house & spend time with my husband & do Nomsa work & sleep.. Much less, remember to brush my teeth twice or more.
  • Because I hadn’t had a hug from anyone besides my husband in more than a week.
  • Because I’d rather be finishing college, becoming a writer, learning photography, etc.

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