Things I love (in addition to my husband).

25 RANDOM things I enjoy about life (in addition to my husband) in honor of being married for 25 days.

Not in order of importance, but rather, in the order that I thought of them.

  1. Tracking packages online. Seriously, I will check it a couple of times per day if I can… If I’m eagerly awaiting the item, I’ll check it hourly (like my wedding dress! ha!)
  2. Hot fudge on top of my ice cream.
  3. Ice cream.
  4. Stemless wine glasses.
  5. Fuzzy socks.
  6. Films with amazing soundtracks.
  7. Almost anything Indie (especially film).
  8. Learning.
  9. Local art (ists).
  10. Children’s books. (My favorite right now is: “An Awesome Book” by Dallas Clayton.)
  11. Soft towels.
  12. All things French.
  13. My typewriter. (Which was part of my a wedding gift from my husband.)
  14. Photography/photographs
  15. 1st John (it’s located just after the Peters in the New Testament).
  16. That moment when I’ve finished writing something that I’ve never thought before.
  17. When a conversation with another human being draws an honest thought out of me that I’ve never had before.
  18. Music.
  19. Red wine.
  20. Q-tips.
  21. Well written to-do-lists.
  22. A to-do-list with everything crossed out!
  23. Hugs.
  24. Challenging the people in my life & being challenged by the people in my life.
    (Which leads me to #25…)
  25. Honesty. (This maybe would be at the top of the list if it was prioritized).

Maybe there are a few items on this list that should be on a list titled, “THINGS i like, a lot.” Because, after all, LOVE is such a strong word for a THING anyway.

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