Sigh of relief. (+ Our wedding video).

I cannot put into words how absolutely phenomenal it is to be married.

Don’t take that to mean that every moment is perfect; it’s not.
But, I’m with my best friend…

I wake up next to someone who I can tell when I’m afraid, who I can be completely vulnerable with… someone that brings home to wherever we are together.
It’s beautiful. It’s indescribable. There are moments that my heart fills up with joy so much that I feel like it’s going to explode.

(And moments that I fear I will disappear in all the changes… like I said, things aren’t perfect. Perfection – and the illusion of it – is not real, not to mention it’s not much fun.)

Oh, to be known.

Tonight was our first night alone together at our new place that started before 11pm. (We’ve had friends/family helping unpack/sort/organize as well as work on various nights, and of course, the honeymoon).

We did some work together getting things organized, we ran some errands, we came home and made dinner and watched a film together: Away We Go.
We saw it at a random Indie theatre in Atlanta when it first came out, and Netflix sent it to us today from our queue.

The music is beautiful, and it’s a movie that we quite love for so many reasons.

We got to see our beautiful 2 minute highlight reel (video) made by Brent Christy from the wedding, please do take a look:

I cried when I watched it.
It’s unreal. I can’t believe we’re married, and it’s just so terrific.

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