Who We Are

We’re newlyweds. We’re madly in love.

We got married January 1, 2010, & we’re expecting our first baby December 5, 2010.
Our “mantra” is pretty simple: 1 John 4:19: “We love because He first loved us.”
We don’t drink coffee. We love stories. We love art in many forms.
We adore watching films together. We are Mac people.
We quote The Office & Jim Gaffigan to each other on an almost daily basis.
We share a plate almost everywhere we go. We like to share an occasional glass
of Chianti or a bottle of Charles Shaw Cabernet from Trader Joe’s.
We use Facebook, a lot (but not as much as before we were married).
We like to talk for hours: to each other, to you, to Jesus, to anyone.
We like to randomly sing to each other. We are terrible singers.
We like to dance together in the middle of anywhere. We like picnics.
We’re passionate about passion; people discovering their passions,
people pursuing their passions, passionate people.

Hold me close

We’re advocates for honesty & authenticity. Other things we’re advocates for:
being the change you wish to see, Jesus & His simple way of life,
unconditional, selfless, sacrificial love that’s only by His grace,
and other things you’ll read more about here on our blog.

We Roquemore (.com)

Pronounced “We Rock-more,”  this site was created for us to
have a place to share our hearts & our lives.
In this season, a good bit of the focus is going to be on: Wedding, Marriage, & Family Stuff,
especially as we’re learning & growing in this season of our lives.

About the Mrs

Lee Anne is 23. She loves Jesus, John, & storytelling. She’s taking her time with college while she focuses on the nonprofit she started, Nomsa. She enjoys trampolines & hammocks, watching movies, bicycle rides, laughter, & making people smile. She loves to be outside for sunsets and shooting stars. She likes to play in the rain. She likes listening to the Beatles on vinyl and slow dancing in her living room with her favorite human being, Mr. Roquemore.

Lee Anne loves to travel and wants to see the world, but more importantly, wants to love the world. She’s spent time in Africa and India doing ministry work and of course, working with the homeless here in USA.

Blue is her favorite color. Green is the color of her eyes. She likes to wear dresses, especially ones with pockets, and she pretty much loves that Florida allows for flip-flops year round.
She’s a big fan of authenticity; be who you are.
She loves to help people awaken their passions, & then pursue them.

Her nicknames are: Lee Lee, Bright Eyes, Annie, & LA. and John likes to call her “Snuggle-bug.”
(Don’t tell him I told you, though. :))

About the Mr

John is 25 years old. He loves Jesus, Lee Anne, & storytelling. He graduated from SouthEastern University with a degree in Pastoral Ministry. He enjoys watching movies, laughter, deep conversation about anything, snowboarding, and making people think. He’s all about quality time, so he’d like to join you in doing whatever you love. He likes to slow dance with his princess in her living room. He enjoys listening to just about anything on vinyl and dancing until he can’t stand up anymore.

John doesn’t play favorites with his colors. Hazel is the color of his eyes. John loves to know how things work. He likes anything edible, especially lasagna, candy, and spicy food.
He likes tickling Lee Anne, playing the guitar, being silly, and going to shows.

John has a passion for changing the world, just like Lee Anne.
His heart is for truth where hers is for love – they go hand in hand (just like John & Lee Anne!).

His nicknames are: JRoque & JP. Lee Anne calls him Bubba, Sweet Potato, & Sweetheart.

Read more about

Our Journey:

How We Met

The Proposal

Our Wedding

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