We’re Back (& other things).

Hello friends.

We(Roquemore)’re back!
We hope you enjoyed our fantastic guest bloggers. (We did.)

Caryn blogged here.
Laura blogged here.
Drew blogged here.

The honeymoon was AMAZING.
We have lots to say,
pictures to post & stories to tell.
(When we’ve more time to prepare them.)

But in the meantime, I’d like to re-introduce someone that I’d like to call friend but only have the privilege of calling stranger that inspires me, stranger that I enjoy reading. His name is Dallas Clayton.
His online home is HERE.

We’ve posted his stuff twice before, and upon re-entering our lives in USA this morning, we were reading some of his recent updates… We stumbled upon one which we thought quite fitting, and indeed, perfect for our first post.
We’d like to share with you:
Dallas Clayton on Our Honeymoon

How funny (& by funny, I mean, perfectly fitting) that he would post this and we would read it when we return from our surprise trip to Cabo San Lucas… And that I was thinking just what he wrote: I wonder
“what the ocean looked like before the tourist industry and all the peddlers offering henna tattoos, silver jewelry, cheap drugs.”
I might dare to add:
“before that industry filled the ocean with tiny boats chasing whales to catch a glimpse of the creation they’re destroying”

Now, just to be clear: I loved our honeymoon, it was fantastic, and one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen.
I am, however, still me.
Which means, I’m rather idealistic, and even on vacation, that doesn’t get left behind.
I couldn’t help but ponder the environment, habitat, life, and world created around the tourists there, and how it was impacting the world previously created for our enjoyment.

With love,
Mrs. Lee Anne Roquemore

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