Guest Blogger: a toast to the happy couple

Hi. I’m Drew. I play drums. ( As a guest blog, I’m putting up the toast I made to the couple at the rehearsal dinner. Of course, I wasn’t able to deliver it quite this eloquently live and in person, but I am more than happy to let the magic of the written (typed) word work in my favor here.

*raises glass*

John Roquemore is a man of hope and vision. It’s inspiring, especially to see a vision of his that’s been a long time comin’ finally happen. John is marked with an exuberance and enthusiasm to love and to learn what loving means. That inspires me.

Lee Anne I have not known as long, But even to me it was obvious early on that there was a connection between these two souls. When she and John would visit Gainesville, her friendship with me and her addition to John’s and my friendship came effortlessly. In the short time I have known her through her blog and those visits, it has become obvious that she is a woman that John is very lucky to get to love for his lifetime.

My prayer for them is but to have a lifetime filled with opportunities to leave their unique signature of Christ’s love on as many lives as their time on Earth will allow.

A Salud.

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