guest blogger: while the happy couple is “playing” in mexico


when lee anne and john asked me to be a guest blogger i couldn’t figure out for the life of me what i would write about. i have a photoblog but that is a little different from this. ha! let me start with lee anne….i have known her for a little over 2 1/2 years now. i think they have mentioned before that we met serving in africa together. (such a cool way to meet new friends, right?!!) when we came back to america we went our separate ways–lee anne went to orlando and i went back to austin. it was in our separation that we became best bosom friends. 🙂 there are a few things that i love about lee anne: her honesty, her openness, and her willingness to grow. the first time lee anne mentioned her “new friend” john, i could tell there was something special about him. lee anne got a little giggly whenever she talked about him and even though i couldn’t see her face, i knew she was wearing a big smile. john brought a lot of happiness into lee anne’s life. when they started dating/became engaged i was really impressed with how john lead lee anne–especially how he lead her spiritually. it was beautiful to witness john’s love expressed through his actions. he wanted to guard her heart, he wanted to pursue her, and he wanted to love her well. in novemeber i took some engagement photos of them in new york city and at that point john got my official “stamp of approval.” (as if lee anne needed that so late in the game! ha!)

being around the week of the wedding i loved watching lee anne and john’s interactions. i constantly saw this play out: lee anne would get stressed, john would patiently listen, they would hug and things would be hunky dory all over again. i realized that a HUGE reason why their relationship is (and will be) successful is because of their good communication! (get it!) besides that, their central focus is Jesus and i firmly believe that as each of them individually (and as a couple) grow closer to Jesus, the closer they will grow to one another. it’s a beautiful process.

enough writing. here are some shots from the week!

lots of love from a friend of the couple,


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