5 Days!!! And 5 really random facts about us.

This may actually turn out to be 10 facts as we state one and counter it with another about the other person. (HA! How confusing is that sentence?!)

  1. John has moved more than 30 times in his life (LOTS of cities.)
    Lee Anne has moved 6 times in her whole life (3 cities: San Francisco, Atlanta, Orlando.)
  2. John’s favorite form of present is presence (quality time).
    Lee Anne prefers something tangible
    (she’s really not as much about material possessions as much as something thoughtful and inexpensive – john)
    (I like gifts that show that the person giving them knows me well and that they put effort into the gift – lee anne)
  3. FACT: Bears, Beets, Battle Star Galactica!!!!
    John & Lee Anne have watched every episode of the Office (from Season 1 episode 1 to the current episode) since knowing each other.
  4. John & Lee Anne both like to paint (A LOT) but… both kind of suck at it.
    Also on the list of things we like to do but suck at: singing, backflips, AND… water polo.
  5. So far, we’ve been to NYC every year that we’ve known each other and hope to keep this tradition alive. šŸ˜€

Done, and done.
REALLY busy day today. Lots to do in preparation for this weekend (wedding!!!)

Feel free to leave any random facts of your own in the comments! šŸ˜€

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