7 Days!! And seven places we will miss in Orlando….

Merry Christmas!!!

It’s only 7 days until our big day. We’re so excited that it’s crazy!

I was telling John this morning how it all just feels so unreal.

The familiarity of loneliness still lingers on occasion and so it’s easy to forget that I’m about to become one flesh with another person.

I decided to read my favorite book this week (for the third or fourth time now) before the wedding so as to remind myself of where I’ve been, the true purpose of my life with my (soon to be husband) John, and His purpose for our marriage. It’s Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers. It’s the book of Hosea from the Bible in novel form.
It just tears down all my walls every time I’m reminded that He created me to be free.
I need to be reminded this week as I’m preparing to commit my life to another, for His glory.

John is with his parents & siblings visiting his grandmother, Marne.
She’s quite possibly the cutest little old lady that there is. (Of course, if my grandmother was still alive, there would be some competition!)
She’s 93 (ish) years old, and the sweetest woman. She loves to hug your neck and listen to your stories. She’s great.

She won’t get to be at our wedding, so we’ve decided to take our wedding to her! On the way back from the reception, we’ll be stopping at her nursing home to visit (in my wedding dress & John in his suit). We’re really excited to have the opportunity to see her on our special day, and since our honeymoon doesn’t leave until the following Monday, it works out perfectly. In many ways she has been an important part of our journey (I/John took Lee Anne to visit with Marne before we started dating – I go the “go ahead” and that was a big deal).

Moving on… to the list part of each blog post.
Seven places we will miss in Orlando:

  1. CityChurch: Our gospel community. They meet in the Orlando Museum of art. We will miss the relationships, the teaching and the babies/children always underfoot. 😀
  2. Chipotle. They don’t have one in Lakeland? This is madness.
  3. Nomsa. Our friends and the experience of community where Lee Anne and I formed our friendship. This has been a very hard place to let go.
  4. Anthony’s Pizza: Great food. The place we default to for date nights and even the restaurant where John took me before he proposed.
  5. Lake Eola: We had our first hang out/date night and Lake Eola played a big part in our adventures.
  6. Cup O Soul: Definitely our fav coffee shop. This place beats out Starbucks any day. The employees were friends and some friends became employees.
  7. Aroma: Not a place we went too often but the place of our first date and always a great place for special occasions.

Even though we wouldn’t pick Orlando on our list of places we’d like to visit. It was great for us to explore the city together and we will miss many places/people.

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