8 days!! And eight movies we’ve seen together….

Well, looking back at the last 24 hours life is going really fast. Our goal with this countdown was to try and capture/share some of the memories from our last days as single people.

Last night we had James Roquemore (John’s next youngest brother) and our friend David Lawerence (who Lee Anne lovingly calls her little brother) over to watch The Office: Season 6 episodes. James is only seeing it for the first time now since he was in Europe for most of the season so far. We broke out the eggnog, ate some cookies and enjoyed watching Jim, Pam, Michael and Dwight stumble and bumble their way through life.

Lee Anne and I (John) love stories. Something about the way a story is really life – we live in a narrative like existence – makes them so interesting. One of the things we always look for in our media is the story. If there isn’t a good story then [to us] it really isn’t worth reading, watching or hearing. We hope someday to make stories our full time jobs or at the very least to be able to publish, project and distribute stories we have in us to create. This passion for stories has led us to watch many movies together and discuss how the reality of the film touches the reality of our lives. Every film is an opportunity to grow in our understanding of people and the world around us. Our marriage will be a story that we hope will inspire others the way these films have inspired us. Only Jesus, the master story-teller, will be able to weave the kind of tale we hope to live out.

So, in honor of our journey and the stories we have lived through (fact and fiction), here are eight movies we’ve seen together:

  1. The Blind Side
    One of our favorites and similar to the work Lee Anne has done: personally and with Nomsa.
  2. Diving Bell and the Butterfly
    If you are looking for a glimpse into the harsh realities of life, this film with move you to be inspired. Took us three times to get through it.
  3. Wall-E
    We saw this the night before Lee Anne left for India. What a great film and a great night. We weren’t dating but it was definitely a date. 🙂
  4. Paris, je t’aime
    This collection of 16 short films made us crave some European travel. So well done, even with subtitles.
  5. I’ve Loved You So Long
    A surprisingly excellent French film. Don’t judge it, just see it.
  6. Mr. Holland’s Opus
    For teachers and others who might not feel like their work means something. Also this is John’s favorite film.
  7. The Name Sake
    Learning how important family traditions are is a lesson we need in this culture of individualism. Definitely a re-watcher.
  8. One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest
    The first film Lee Anne watched with John’s family. And wow, what a way to start. Such a masterpiece of social community and the human condition.

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