11 DAYS!!!!

Today has been productive, mainly work but lots to do this evening as well. My goal today is to figure out how I can take off for my honeymoon without using any more paid time off than needed (saving vacation days for when we will need them this summer). Besides that things are focused on moving, cleaning and getting the last wedding details finalized.

So we had such a great long weekend we couldn’t update the site BUT…. today marks 11 days. Which isn’t that big except it means tomorrow is 10 DAYS.


The ultimate countdown number. The number when everyone who’s watching the ball drop on New Year’s Eve really gets into the countdown. The number that signals that the wait is almost over. The number that strikes fear in children playing hide and seek. The number used with “perfect” (as in “A perfect 10”).

Also the last real work day for me (John) this year.  And the last day for Lee Anne’s new job this year!

So ready and 13, 12, 11,


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