18 Days!!!

Today is 2 weeks & 4 days from our wedding day!


Today, we wrapped up a TON of wedding details.
There are, however, a TON of details to still be worked out.

Excitement is increasing!

Today, We(Almost)Roquemore

  • Met with our DJ (DJ Queso.)
    He’s awesome.
    We are REALLY stoked to have him deejay our wedding reception.
  • Paid the remaining balance on the reception hall (Winter Park Garden Club).
  • Worked on our song list for the reception
  • Dropped off my (Lee Anne) engagement ring at the jeweler so they can make the band to fit!
  • Made my final alterations appointment (for my wedding dress)… Okay, so, WE didn’t do this. Lee Anne did this.

In other news…

We have some tricks up our sleeve…
surprises for our guests that are going to make the reception AMAZING!

Since we announced our AWESOME deejay today…
We’ll announce another exciting reception surprise when we’re 11 days away
(one week from now),
AND another sometime in the three days before the wedding…

You better be checking in, you know, so as to stay in THE know!

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