Life happens when you’re making other plans

(NOTE: This started as a Facebook status update, so it will be short)

Reality Check: I can’t be an idealist when dealing with my own life. I must see things for what they are and handle them in ways that work. Doesn’t mean give up on the best ways, just means that when I’m stuck in a hole I can’t theorize about how the hole came into existence and why it should have never been created. This is something I am still learning… I am so thankful for Lee Anne‘s willingness to join me in this journey.

Reality Check: Actions are the only thing that make words matter. After years of seeing my hero talk about creating change I am realizing that to remain credible you must begin with action. Strategy and plans are important but only when they lead to concrete action. It won’t be perfect but never taking actions on your words makes you lose believability and many times you end up doing the opposite (instead of creating positive change for many you just hurt those around you).

Reality Check: There is always an opportunity to grow, the part that becomes harder when you get older is knowing just how good things could have been if you just changed years ago. For some reason this makes me NOT want to change now. The reality is the only way to start is… to START. Because looking back I can see myself saying at 21, 18, 16, 14, 10…. “If only I had taken care of this years ago then everything would be okay.”  Well I’m not dead so it’s not too late and today is the BEST time to begin.

Let’s make this a day for change. Only by Jesus’ power and might. The gospel is this “Those He sets free are free indeed!!” (paraphrased)

“Jesus, I am in desperate need of your grace and your righteousness today. I give up on me. With your strength I run after you. Teach me to love”

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