20 Days!!

Today is already rushing by.

Lee Anne’s bridal shower in Atlanta (where she grew up) is today and I (John) have a work event then driving all the way back to Orlando to hang out with BJ (my youngest brother).

20 Days means just under 3 weeks until “We Roquemore” officially launches. It means we won’t start another month of life without starting it together. 3 weeks is still most of the month but considering the number of events and happenings and to-do’s and meetings and parties and such and such this time in our lives is one we will have to focus on soaking in the moments and enjoying the ride.

We don’t want to look back and see a blur…. still, it’s going to be a blink and we will open our eyes to each other in our new life.

PLEASE NOTE: This website doesn’t officially launch until 01/01/2010 when “We (John and Lee Anne) Roquemore” forever.

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