21 DAYS!!!

His grace is enough for us. His love covers us in righteousness. His power is full and His wisdom is complete.

We are hopeful. For even with the hurt, pain and long journey ahead – we know that He is faithful.

Today is a day we can choose to love, support, encourage, rebuke, accept, challenge and serve. He is able to do this and much more as we let go of our own strength and give Him control.

I (John) cannot trust myself to love Lee Anne the way she needs. BUT I can give my heart and invest my whole life in Jesus, who has already loved Lee Anne more than any other being, ever. He will work His life into me and His love through me into her.

So raise a glass of cheer, let’s celebrate 21 days left and today, a day that can heal wounds of the heart.

PLEASE NOTE: This website doesn’t officially launch until 01/01/2010 when we (John and Lee Anne) will Roquemore forever.

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