Days like today

Today was rough.

Slept in (not the good kind, I over slept).
Work didn’t get started until after noon.
Hurt my fiancee’s heart. Revealed my selfishness.

My emotions are a roller coaster. I can’t trust the way I feel right now because it will only hurt me in the months to come.

I feel…
like giving up.
like sleeping in.
like being detracted.
like slacking off on my job.
like second guessing myself.
like relaxing.
like slowing down.
like giving in.
like blaaaaaahhhhhh.

Emotions are such a wonderful part of life. They give flavor to otherwise bland activities (imagine watching a bride walk down the aisle without emotions: BORING). And in many ways they can give feedback on where we are in life.


They are fickle, they trick us into doing things that are incredibly selfish. Just when I think I am on top of the world, I start to FEEL like everything is falling apart. The reality? Things are going really well, not perfect, but considering that I am running head first into an overwhelming amount of life change things are GREAT.

My fiancee wrote a great entry on actions leading emotions. And it really comes down to that. Emotions will come and go. What matters most is what is really happening, what is present.

And presently….

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