One of our favorite writers/bloggers is Seth Godin. His post today was talking about spammers, and a world that’s getting more skeptical by the minute.

I immediately thought of trust and the relationships that are hurting in my life because there’s a lack of trust on one or both sides.
In fact, just this last week I was realizing that one of the most painful broken relationships in my life is not because there’s an actual barrier as much as just because this person doesn’t trust me. This person can’t see me because they think they can’t trust me…. And so begins the problem where they can’t be themselves when I’m around.

When such a large percentage of what we take in on a daily basis through advertisements & spam, salesmen & junk-mail, is fake, trickery, and just plain BS…

It effects and affects our relationships.

We become people who cease to trust the other people in our lives.

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