What to do?

We think we’ve completed our registry.

We settled on an all-in-one bedding set that even includes the throw pillows & window valances.

It’s nice colors.

I don’t love it.


I’m out shopping with my Mom at Kohl’s and… there it is:

the bedding set I never knew I’ve always wanted.

I took photos on my camera phone & sent them to John. He called me and said,

“Does Kohl’s have a registry?”

Of course, Kohl’s has a registry.

But of course, do we start a registry at Kohl’s just for one item?
How would we even tell people we’re registered there?
Here it is:
I’m embarrassed to say, we’re registered at Kohl’s JUST for our bedding because it’s the one we love.

Here’s a link:

Kohl’s Registry: Our Bedding

ALSO, the picture DOES NOT do it justice. It has this gorgeous stitching that you can only see up close, and it feels so soft. Ahhhh. 😀

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