What’s the Point?

What’s the point?

Marriage is difficult. It’s painful at times.
It requires time, energy, sacrifice, and endless amounts of my resources.

Even the process of getting married – the ceremony & celebration – is time, energy, and resource consuming.

It’s overwhelming. There are moments that it doesn’t FEEL worth it.
(More on actions leading feelings in a post that’s yet to come.)

In those moments, I ask myself one question: “What’s the point?”

My immediate response as I’m writing this post is a memory of a song – this past weekend actually – dancing with my sweet John at a friend’s wedding. We danced to “Better Together” by Jack Johnson.

That’s the point.

Marriage is to be a tiny little picture of His kingdom – His love for us. Death to self to show love to another.
That means our marriage being “GOOD” depends upon our togetherness advancing the kingdom better than if we were separate.
That our togetherness absolutely glorifies Jesus because,
together we’ll serve Him better, live His love in deed and truth,
die to ourselves more,
always, always, always,
… challenge each other more toward Him.

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