The Proposal

August 21, 2009

He popped the question…

John planned a date night for one Friday, 21 August, 2009. He picked Lee Anne up from her house and took her to dinner at one of their favorite local places, Anthony’s. John &  Lee Anne always sit at the same little table by the window at Anthony’s. When they arrived at Anthony’s, the table was set with an added surprise, a vase with roses. (He’d called ahead, dropped off flowers, and made sure they saved our table for us.)

They shared their favorite pizza and favorite wine. They talked and laughed and then walked down the street to the park where they first met (where Lee Anne serves the homeless). John covered Lee Anne’s eyes and led her to the platform where Nomsa serves. There was a chair set up and so he sat her down and kneeled down… there was a basin of water and he began to wash her feet. As he did, he told her how much he loved her and then when he was done washing her feet, he asked her to close her eyes. While her eyes were closed, he pulled out the ring box and opened it.

She said yes! They jumped up and hugged.

Both John & Lee Anne’s parents were there to pray with them.

Lee Anne’s roommate at the time, Nikki, was there to take pictures of the whole proposal.

Once those festivities were over, John drove Lee Anne home, and SURPRISE! Lee Anne’s house was filled with all of her closest friends. They changed their facebook relationship status and celebrated with friends.

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